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Spring Drive cover

Spring Drive:
A North Country Tale

 by Chuck Guilford

Set in Menominee, Michigan, in 1881 and based on an historical event, this is a fictional rendering of the McDonald Boys tale.

“A skillful blend of history and fiction. Vivid characters, colorful descriptions and snappy dialogue . . . well-paced, fresh and lively. It is a fast read that somehow manages to be both entertaining and educational.”
independent review





Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

 by Chuck Guilford

The same award-winning content that has made Paradigm an Internet classic is now available in this quality paperback edition.

"[Paradigm] gives education in all facets of writing. While focused on the needs of students, [it] has useful information for any writer who feels the need for improvement."
Tom Sneddon, merlot.org






Altogether NowAltogether Now: Essays on Poetry, Writing, and Teaching

– by Chuck Guilford

These essays, written over a thirty year period, bring together the strands of a career as a poet, writer, and teacher.

Individually,they look closely at subjects as varied as metaphysical poetry, writing workshops, poetry online, and the relevance of the humanities in the twenty-first century.

Taken together, they offer a convincing case for the ability of language and literature to enlighten people and transform cultures.